1. Children
  2. GCSE – A levels
  3. Adults


The acquisition of the mother tongue begins when the child starts to interact with the language. This is the moment when the child can more naturally and spontaneously start learning a second language. These sessions help children to familiarise themselves with the sounds of the new language, understand basic instructions and begin to say their first words in Spanish. Vamos! uses a learning methodology based on games and active participation of children.

GCSE – A levels

GCSE/iGCSE and A-levels lessons are designed to support students revising and testing for their exams. Typically we identify weaknesses in order to reinforce the gaps and work on specific topics for the exams. The lessons are focussed on improving the speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Since we have an extensive experience supporting students for the GCSE and A level exams, we have a good working understanding of the expectations set by the Manchester Educational Authority. AQA and EDEXCEL are the chosen boards for the lessons.


Individual lessons are personalised according to the needs and requirements of the student: exams, work, holidays or travel. Adult groups up to the maximum of 10 people are also available. Classes are taught primarily in Spanish except for some key explanations.


Our lessons are aimed at groups of students with no knowledge or a very basic level of Spanish.


Classes for Spanish students with an A level. A level certifies sufficient linguistic competence to understand and use basic common expressions in everyday situations, give basic information about yourself and communicate at a basic level with native speakers.